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Rack Ramps
Finally, an easy way to protect the front end of your low-riding car when getting it onto a service platform or lift! Rack Ramps decrease the angle of approach to as low as 6.3 degrees (varies by version) and are available in a variety of configurations, including a version with a notch cut out for the existing ramp to rest in, a version with a bridge from the ramp to the platform, and three versions with hooks. Each variation is sold as a set of two, and each ramp can hold up to 1,500 lbs., for a total vehicle weight capacity of 6,000 lbs. However, you won’t break your back positioning these: No ramp type weighs more than 15 lbs. per ramp!
4" Car Lift Ramps make it easier than ever to get your low-to-the-ground vehicle on a scissor or 2-post lift. Featuring a 3.9 degree angle of approach, the ramps are 14” wide and 185” long, accommodating wheelbases from 80” to 115”. Each ramp is comprised of four interlocking pieces that combined weigh only 40 lbs. per side. Each side can hold up to 3,000 lbs., for a total vehicle weight capacity of 6,000 lbs.
Shop Ramps are an amazing asset to any garage! After several custom projects of similar design, we created this multi-purpose set of ramps that can be used as a trailer ramp (a notch is cut out for this application), an alignment ramp extender, a 4-post lift ramp extender, a 2-post lift ramp, or a jack-assist ramp.
Featuring a 7 degree angle of approach, Shop Ramps are 14” wide and 52” long. Sold as a set of two, the ramps each weigh only 17 lbs., but can hold up to 2,500 lbs., for a total vehicle weight capacity of 10,000 lbs. Their heavy-duty construction allows for everyday use in the garage, while also providing a professional look to any service department. Get rid of your boards and makeshift set-ups and assure your customers that their car will be well taken care of in your shop!
Note that the successful use of the trailer ramp application will vary depending on the trailer and vehicle clearance.
Make parking a breeze in your garage, driveway, or trailer with the Pro-Stop parking guide. No cheap plastic here: The Pro-Stop is made from recycled semi tires and grips to your floor just like a tire. It holds its place even on the smoothest floors, including epoxy and plastic modular flooring. Pre-drilled holes at the front of the Pro-Stop give you the option of permanently mounting it to the floor of your garage or trailer. Achieve perfect balance in your race car trailer by quickly parking in the right spot every time! You can easily link two or more together to make a solid stop as wide as you’d like.
Too little time with too many tires to keep spinning? FlatStoppers® are saving thousands of tires world-wide while they are “stuck” in storage. Whenever you’re parking your car for 30 days or more, this best-selling product will preserve your tire shape. Once tires are set in FlatStoppers on a level surface, they settle into the pad’s concave depression, which evenly disperses the weight of the car across the increased contact patch and prevents flat spots. Additionally, FlatStoppers will not conduct heat or cold into your tires despite changing floor temperatures.
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